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Chihuahua Dog Breed Advice

A #chihuahua may be the smallest dog in the world – but they can have a big personality. Find out what Chihuhua dogs are really like t to live with from an owners who has had the breed for more than 50 years. There’s general breed advice and tips on choosing #chihuahuapuppies. They come in two varieties. The smooth coated variety and the long coated variety – It may be a toy dog, but it’s not necessarily a small dog in its head. They can be a toy dog with a huge personality. Some cab be others quite timid. Long coats are much more a lap dog than the smooth coat. The smooth coats are very seldom still. They’re inquisitive. Training a Chihuahua takes care as it is very easy to overwhelm a small dog. Give it chance to get used to the world at its own pace. Although they’re the smallest dog in the world, they are quite fiesty and can be actually quite guardy, leading to #chihuahuabarking when strangers coming to the house and even with other dogs. They’re not necessarily dogs for everyone and certainly not a dog for small children.

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