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Essential Puppy Care: How to Keep a Puppy Healthy in

You’ve brought your new cute bundle of fluff home and your very next question is how to keep a puppy healthy so that they grow into a fit, happy adult dog. Taking these 9 puppy care steps will help prevent the most common diseases, protect them from harm, as well as keep them mentally stimulated and happy

My 9 puppy care steps will help to keep your puppy as healthy as possible, both while they are young as well as when they grow up into an adult and senior dogs

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1 – Start with a healthy puppy that’s right for you
2 – Don’t over feed
3 – Feed a high quality, appropriate diet
4 – Vaccinate
5 – Socialization + training
6 – Parasite control – intestinal worms, flea/tick, heartworm
7 – Dental care
8 – Exercise
9 – Mental stimulation

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