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Aggressive Chihuahua’s Training Transformation

It’s a common misconception that small dogs don’t need training. Training isn’t just about obedience skills, it means that your dog has been extensively socialized and exposed to new people, dogs, places, smells, sounds, and sights. Proper socialization will help ensure that your dog doesn’t struggle with fear-based behavioral issues in the future. Even if your dog misses out on socialization as a puppy, with the right training program your dog can thrive, just like Tucker! We are so proud of the progress that Tucker has made and we know that his owner will do a great job maintaining his training and keeping him social. There’s no reason to live with stress or fear when your dog could be living a balanced and happy life! Our experienced team of trainers is here to help you. Give us a call at, 864-297-9636 (Five Forks) or 864-520-8730 (Mauldin), or leave us a comment to get more information about training.

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