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Angry Chihuahua

Disclaimer I guess I should have added forever ago XD.
This short video was just showing that my new pup hated when my mom kissed him, he had no problem if I kissed him, no problem with her holding him and petting him, but he didn’t like her kisses XD. This didn’t detail his entire life, maybe check out some other videos I have.. he’s terribly spoiled and loved dearly. Chihuahuas are bipolar at best, he gets pissed at people he has known for years if they stand like they’re going to run, or their face is shadowed out. He attacks people for hugging each other or kissing, his motto is “fighting violence with violence.”
He’s a well trained boy that knows a lot of tricks and commands, I’ll have to ad a video of him showing off his tricks 🙂 he’s a happy 9 year old now.
The lab’s name was Bella, she was telling Foka not to talk to her mom like that.

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View Orginal Video here.