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Bark Potty Unboxing And A Review By Chihuahua Cedric

Bark Potty Unboxing And A Review By Chihuahua Cedric. My humans have actively trying to make our home more eco friendly. Pee pads have been one area where we had not found a good alternative. When amazing people from Bark Potty contacted us and asked us to review their eco friendly Bark Potty, we said yes!
This video is the unboxing of the Park Potty dog toilet. I give you a review on the product too after trying it out. It’s a great alternative for the normal pee pads, that are very terrible for the environment.
I am a very tiny dog who lives in Canada. Our winter get really cold and the huge mountains of snow makes it impossible for me to go do my business outdoors. I always have to use pee pads indoors. The Bark Potty is a great solution for tiny dogs like me. I get to use a more natural alternative, that actually smells like the outdoors. That’s incredible! I’m super happy about it. I hope you enjoy my unboxing and my review. If you are interested getting our own Bark Potty then click on their website.

Bark Potty website : https://barkpotty.com/

Thank you for watching, my friends!

Cedric is a long haired chihuahua who was born in Estonia and now lives in Canada with his loving owners. Sometimes he stars in youtube videos, showing off his mighty skills and magical cuteness. Every day he stars on Instagram, posing for cute pictures and telling the world about his life!

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