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Beginner Dog Agility Training At Home

I really want to try Bella out with agility one day! At her age now, she is already faster and more daring than Lily was. So until she can start agility class at a training facility, I am going to start some basic skills with her at home. She’s not scared to go on equipment, she’s just really excited and needs to focus more haha. So I set up the same agility obstacles that I used for Lily when she first started. We will practice for a while and as she makes improvements I’ll upload a updated video!

We are working on table, the dog walk, teeter totter, tunnel, and one jump right now.

Bella is an adorable long haired Chihuahua, at the time of this video she was 9 months old.

Our Instagram: Jenily111

Tricks and flips! My dog Lily and I are on a journey to learn lots of tricks and one day compete in agility. I also love gymnastics so will occasionally upload videos of the adult gymnastics class I’m in. What else? Who knows!

View Orginal Video here.