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Doggy Bathroom Indoor Dog Potty Unboxing And Review

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Doggy Bathroom reached out to us to send me their brand new Doggy Bathroom Mini to review! We immediately said yes, because it looked so amazing! 🤩 It makes a lot of sense to finally have a dog potty with high walls! I’m a boy dog and I like to lift my leg when I pee, I think all you boy dogs can relate! It’s in our nature! Some of us lift our legs higher than others With my usual pee pads, I could do my business, but I ended up making little accidents when lifting my leg. So my humans had to make a huge area covered in pee pads and it didn’t look good. It worked, but it looked terrible! I think you know what I mean I never dreamed that there could be a solution for that! That’s why we said yes to make a video about this amazing innovation! It looks so good! Am I right? As a tiny dog advisor, I think it’s my duty to tell all small dog owners about this awesome stylish doggy bathroom! No more messes and ugly pee areas! I think my bathroom looks actually much better than my humans’ 🤩 Can’t wait for winter now!

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