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How to Potty-Train an 8-Week-old Puppy Step by Step (12

In this video I’ll share 12 steps for making your puppy pee and poop outdoors as this is your main end goal in potty training your puppy. These 12 steps are perfectly suited for eight week old puppies.

These 12 steps come directly from my book How to House-Train Your Puppy: The Ultimate Guide, which I wrote in cooperation with 24 dog trainers and dog experts – https://www.puppybee.com/how-to-house-train-a-puppy-the-ultimate-guide/?utm_source=YouTube-video-010-12march2020&utm_medium=textlink&utm_content=buy-book-1&utm_campaign=puppy-books

Step 1
Over the first few days or weeks, lift your pup up when you take it outside for a walk.

Step 2
Step two involves directing your pup to the place where it’s allowed to relieve itself. Ideally, this should be the dullest place you can think of, close to the house. Why dull, you wonder? You want your pup to get bored and relax, making it realize that it needs to pee and poop.

Step 3
Now, wait for five minutes at maximum, to give your pup the time it needs to pee or poop.

Step 4
After a successful pee or poop, you should praise it with kind words and a nice treat or a game.

On a side note: if you are taking your puppy for a real walk, proceed to step 5 for further instructions. If you’re only letting it pee and poop, you can hop over to step 8 if your pup hasn’t peed yet. Has it peed already? And are you not planning to walk it any further? Then you can go right back home together—you can skip steps 5 through 12 for that particular moment. Maybe a few hours later when it needs to again and it didn’t peed already you can go on with step 5 or hop over to step 8 if you’re not taking an actual walk with your puppy.

Step 5
Start your walk; even if your pup hasn’t relieved itself yet after five minutes.

Step 6
As you’re walking, give your puppy plenty of time and space to pee and poop; even if it has already done so at the start of your walk.

Step 7
If no peeing and pooping have happened by the end of your walk, simply return to that familiar boring spot and wait there for five minutes. Even if it did pee or poop already, you’d be offering your puppy a chance to do so again at the end of the walk.

On a side note: steps 8 through 12 only apply if your pup didn’t pee at all during your walk. If it has peed already, return home together; you can skip steps 8 through 12.

Step 8
If it does not pee on its airing spot within five minutes, simply go back home. Lift up your pup and walk home, then direct it to its dog crate and close the door, preventing it from walking around in the living room.

Please see my YouTube video on crate-training where I’ll give you 6 tips so your puppy will see his crate as its safe haven and he stops or not even begins squealing and barking inside his dog crate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VetmbJw888E

Step 9
Ten minutes later, you take it out of its crate again. Carry the pup outside on your arm, take it to the same airing spot, and give it some time to sniff around. Hopefully, it will pee now and perhaps even poop as well.

Step 10
Did your puppy pee? Be sure to praise it with kind words and a nice treat or a fun game. Now you can take your pup home straight away. You can skip the next steps. If your puppy still hasn’t peed, yet, please continue to step 11.

Step 11
Of course, you may find that nothing happens once again. Your puppy may get distracted by a butterfly or passing traffic—anything really. Still, you know that its last pee was a good while back, so it can’t be long now. That’s why you should lift your puppy up again and take it back inside, putting it in its dog crate and closing the door.

Ten minutes later, you take the pup back out and start over again.

Step 12
Keep repeating this process until you have reached your goal: your puppy pees outside.

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