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Ozzy the Chihuahua

Ozzy the Chihuahua has returned home after 3 weeks residential training. When he arrived, he would bark at everything and everyone, making it hard for his owner to enjoy walking him.

During his training, we worked on building Ozzy’s confidence so he can rely on his owner for support and not turn to barking when he’s worried. We also worked on better control around other dogs which has helped minimise his excitement barking.

Ozzy now responds reliably to a range of behaviours which help reduce any need to bark and give him an alternative focus when he’s feeling worried or excited.

We also worked on teaching Ozzy to greet people calmly and to keep his feet on the floor. He has learnt a reliable ‘send to bed’ cue which can be used to interrupt any jumping at children or visitors at home.

Ozzy is such a sweet boy and we’re now looking forward to working with his housemate Buddy


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