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Report Card

I have been training Rosita for a while and this is her report card at exactly 10 weeks old.

Sit stay training is progressing well considering she is still a puppy.

She is now house trained with no errors for the last 5 days. She whines at the door to go out.

She has been crate trained and has slept through the night since a little over six weeks old. I used a dog toy weasel that was not stuffed. Cut a hole in the back end and put a drink bottle filled with hot tap water inside. She sleeps with it and this keeps her comfy through the night.

Maggie 11 years old and Rosita have some very good rough and tumble play sessions with a few races around the mobile. Rosita has learned doggy etiquette and no longer uses Maggie as a chew toy.

View Orginal Video here.