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TOP 10 Easy to Train Small Dog Breeds

Easy to train small dog breeds. If you think about easy to train dogs, you will say German Shepherds or Labrador Retrievers. But there are some small easy to train breeds as well. We will talk about them in this video.
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Most people looking for a dog want a breed that’s easy to live with. Easiest dog breeds to train tops many desired “wants” when looking to bring a new dog/rescue dog into a person’s life. While all dogs can be trained, there are some that are easier than others. Check our video and find out what are the easiest to train small dog breeds.

Easy to train small dogs video TIMESTAMPS:
0:27 Border Terrier
0:44 Pomeranian
1:08 Fox Terrier
1:30 Swedish Vallhund
1:57 Brussels Griffon
2:18 Miniature Schnauzer
2:46 Shetland Sheepdog
3:16 Welsh Corgi
3:41 Papillon
4:14 Toy and Miniature Poodle

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