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Train Your Dog to Give Paw

Wondering how do you train a dog to give paw? We’ll show you how to train your dog to give paw in five simple steps. But before we do, make sure pet pal knows basic dog commands like “sit”. If they do, then it’s officially time to get this dog training paw-ty started! As a pet parent, you’ll need to know what motivates your pup so this can mean delectable dog treats or an irresistible chew toy to prompt dog obedience. Having either one of these dog supplies handy will make teaching dog tricks and positive reinforcement dog training a breeze. Having your pooch’s attention is key when teaching dog tricks like paw, so once you’ve gotten a hold of that, make sure you tell her dog obedience commands like “sit”. Stow a delicious treat like Zuke’s Mini Naturals in your palm to tempt your pet pal to raise those sweet puppy paws up. Once those paws go up, the treat comes down. And praise your pooch for a job well done! It’s important that you add the verbal cue “paw” each time she puts her paws up for effective dog communication. Once you got that dog communication down-pat, say her name and the verbal cue. Don’t forget to praise your pup each time to seal the deal with positive reinforcement dog training. How to train your dog to give paw can be a breeze with these dog tips, and behavior modification techniques will help your pup become the dog shaking paw master in no time!

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