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Well Trained Chihuahua Doing Scentwork

This video is about teaching Gyaru to sniff out that scent the ring caps, primary ingredients are red phosphorus and strong oxidizer. However we read earlier that is consisted also of gunpowder and zink alloy and therefor went with that fact for our video. Sorry about that. My bad.
The building blocks of this exercise is combining the nose-target training aswell as scentdiscrimination skills. This 2 skills is something she has learned and mastered. Thow we continue to work duration with her mark, I can see that having her tongue out is causing some licking issues. However by asking her to confirm the location of the scent also allows me to be sure that she has an understanding of the exercise. Therefor I added a tip on how I work durations.
This scentwork is pretty new to her, but I have decided that this is something we will be doing more of as an activity for her.

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