Maggie the English Mastiff vs. Dude the Chihuahua

*update* Maggie and Dude both have passed away. Don't worry, they both went peacefully and Maggie never ate dude as seen on Jimmy Kimmel's spoof. They will forever be remembered! Rest in peace my beautiful pups! ………………………….Original post: Playful puppy days – Today Maggie (195 lbs, 6 years old) & The Dude (3 lbs, 2 years)

Video was taken when Dude was just a puppy. Maggie loved him the day we got him and still today. This was taken when we first got Dude and Maggie simpy wanted to chase him around the house but Dude wasn't exaclty as quick to respond as he is today which is why I had to get Maggie to lie back down. Today, they're still playful best friends free to roam & play together with the additions of Troy, Mastiff and Macy, the Chihuahua. If you've ever met a Mastiff you'd know how gentle they are, Maggie especially, and would never hurt a fly – or in this case, a Chihuahua. They're simply best buds for life.