Bringing a New Dog Home for New Dog Parents

The Welcome Home Video Series for new dog parents, presents the information you need to make your dog’s transition into your home and family an easy one. Get the companion guide at

1. Top 10 Must Have Items (before you bring your new dog home)
2. Crate Training
3. Housetraining
4. Feeding Routine
5. Dog-Proofing Your Home
6. Exercise Routine
7. Rest Routine
8. Socializing with Dogs
9. Socializing with People
10. Socializing to Things
11. Socializing to Places
12. Manner at Mealtime
13. Housetraining Problems
14. When Things Go Wrong

Narrated by Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA, BS, and cofounder of , these easy to follow and practical tips cover puppies and older dogs. These tips are perfect for the family that just adopted a rescue or shelter dog.

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View Orginal Video here.

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