Everyday Small Pet Care

Everyday Small Pet Care


First job in the morning is to feed the guinea pigs and rabbits their fresh food. It is an important part of their diet, providing lots of nutrients, so more is better. I also top up hay racks if needed.

The next job is to open the stable doors for better ventilation and so it doesn’t get too hot inside (ofc this is only done during the warm season).


In the afternoon/evening most of the cleaning takes place. First of all I change their water (usually every other day). Next I feed the smaller rodents, this includes the gerbils and the hamster – mainly seeds/grains, but also mealworms, nuts/fatty seeds and dried/fresh herbs. The rabbits and skinny pigs require daily spot checks, and the skinny pigs benefit from a fleece change every 2-3 days. The outdoor guinea pigs hutch requires a full clean out every other day.

Finally in the evening I shut the rabbits in their smaller run and give the pets their evening fresh food, which usually consists of forage, but sometimes they get fresh vegetables instead.

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