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10 tips to protect your Chihuahua from parvo

Parvovirus is a potentially deadly virus for your dog, and it is really bad this year, according to my conversations with veterinarians and vet techs and from reading about the parvovirus outbreak this year. I have 10 easy tips to follow to safeguard your puppers from the parvovirus.
1) immunize your dogs and make sure they are up-to-date with all booster shots, 2) make sure all visitors to your house leave their shoes at the door so they don’t track in the virus which is found in dog feces, 3) protect your dog when you go to the vet, since that’s where the virus is likely to be – hold them in your lap and don’t let anyone touch them, 4) avoid dog parks until your puppy is fully immunized, 5) avoid pet stores, kennels, shelters, and groomers – all the places where your pooch and pick up the virus, 6) disinfect daily with bleach or with Rescue (see think link below), 7) purchase dog supplies online instead of going to pet stores, 8) have an indoor pet policy until your puppers are immunized fully, 9) know the signs of parvo – lethargy, not eating, bloody diarrhea, and vomiting, & 10) seek veterinarian care if you suspect your dog may be sick – with aggressive supportive care, many sick dogs can survive – so make sure to take her to the clinic the minute you see signs of illness.
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