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13 Rules for humans who have Chihuahua puppies

These are the 13 rules that humans must follow.
1) You must love me and only me. Don’t even think about coming home smelling like another dog.
2) Put food in my bowl first thing in the morning.
3) Cuddling with me is NOT an option – no other human comes between us.
4) Don’t hide your human food from me. Remember, I can smell french fries.
5) Remember, I’m cute & adorable ALL THE TIME! And don’t you forget it.
6) I’m your best friend and will always be loyal to you, so you remember that.
7) I have AMAZING hearing! If I bark, you might want to check the yard.
8) If I chew your shoes, just give me a chew toy instead. I call that neglect.
9) I’m your protector. I may be small, but always let me do my job and check out the strangers when they come over! Sniff test is mandatory!
10) I love outings – but if you leave me home alone, I will watch the house.
11) I will tolerate you dressing me up . . . just a little bit . . . because the look on your face is priceless . . . but only for that one reason…
12) Food on the floor? Forget the 5 second rule! It’s mine!!
13) Your bed is my bed! And if I’m sideways, don’t even think about moving me!
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