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All Chihuahua Types

There is a lot of different Chihuahua types, but only one official dog breed with name Chihuahua. We can differentiate Chihuahua types based on their coat and head.
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Officialy, there are only two Chihuahua types – the long coated Chihuahua and smooth coated Chihuahua. But unofficially, we can also recognize pear head, deer head and apple head Chihuahua.

The most common type is the Apple head smooth coated Chihuahua, but even then, there is a lot of variety between them. That is because of the color – You can find all the Chihuahua types in all the different colors and they can also be bicolor, tricolor, spotted, merle or brindle.

Chihuahua is one of the most diversified dog breed of all and we can say, that every Chihuahua is different. Do not forget to tell me in comments what Chihuahua type and color is your favourite.

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