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How to easily potty train Chihuahua puppy? Effective potty training

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For anyone who has ever owned a Chihuahua, it can be very frustrating to know that they are notoriously difficult to housetrain. This breed has a knack for finding the worst places to use the bathroom in your home and it can be tempting to leave them outside indefinitely.

However, Chihuahuas are very much lap dogs and thrive indoors with their family. So what is the solution for a dog who refuses to take his business outdoors? In winter especially, Chihuahuas can hesitate to go out and relieve themselves due to the cold weather.

They are sensitive and particular and require a persistent and patient owner to overcome their stubborn attitudes and teach them the appropriate ways to do things. Chihuahuas can learn just as well as any other dog, but may require some extra practice and a stern – but not angry – voice when getting involved in obedience training.

This includes potty training. If you’re not yet resigned to having your Chihuahua go wherever he pleases, then it may be time to set a schedule for training.

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