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New Puppy Tips

New Puppy Tips – Surviving the First Week // Did you recently get a new puppy, need new puppy tips for puppy training? There are some essential things your new puppy needs and I want to make sure you get the right puppy supplies to start working on potty training and crate training for your new dog. When you bring a new puppy home you’ll want to make sure your house is puppy-proofed. You’ll need to know how to handle puppy biting and puppy barking while in the crate. In this video, I cover all the new puppy tips to survive the first week.
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Plastic Crate: https://howtotrainadreamdog.com/plastic-crate

Metal Crate: https://howtotrainadreamdog.com/metal-crate

Puppy Pen: https://www.howtotrainadreamdog.com/puppy_pen_indoor

Slow bowl Feeder: https://howtotrainadreamdog.com/baby_gate

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Nylabones: https://howtotrainadreamdog.com/nylabone

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New Dog Tips –

3 Skills to Teach Your Puppy First – https://howtotrainadreamdog.com/3-skills-you-should-teach-your-puppy-first/

3 Steps to Train Your Puppy to Ring Potty Bells –


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