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Can you teach a Chihuahua to swim? Part 1 |

Chihuahuas are not good swimmers. And they are afraid of water. So is it possible to teach them to not be afraid of the water and to eventually learn to swim enough to get out of a pool?

I took my sweetie pies into the pool to start getting them accustomed to the water. I placed them on a hard floating surface so that they feel confident.

It’s very important to make this as positive an experience as possible. I had lots of treats and encouraging words for them and slowly worked with Mila, Sabrina, Margo, and Reina.

The older Chihuahuas felt safer and trusted me more than the young ones. But eventually I got them all onto the boat and took them around.

Most importantly for this exercise is to show my Chihuahuas where the safe end of the pool is – the shallow “beach entrance.”

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