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Chihuahua Dog Obedience Training

Chihuahua Dog Obedience Training | Bella’s First Day At School! Did She Behave?

We are finally able to get back into in-person training with my dog trainer- Laurie Tuttle. Will Bella behave in school? Or will she bark at everyone/everything?! Turns out she was super nervous and scared the whole time! So much that she wouldn’t focus on any of the obedience commands the class was working on. So we are just focusing on getting her comfortable around other dogs and humans. We are taking a 6 week class, so hopefully by the end of it she will be able to perform all of the commands! Technically she already passed this class- we took it online with Laurie, but because Bella is not socialized we are taking it again in-person.

My dog trainer is moving and we are so sad! But we can still reach out to her via her online classes and private sessions. She is really good with dogs and especially dogs with behavioral issues. Anyone in the US can take an online class with Laurie. You can learn more about her here on her website: https://www.laurietuttledogtraining.com/

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Tricks and flips! My dog Lily and I are on a journey to learn lots of tricks and one day compete in agility. I also love gymnastics so will occasionally upload videos of the adult gymnastics class I’m in. What else? Who knows!

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