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Chihuahua Mix Full Groom & Stories

I think Lolo might be a Chiweenie but I will have to ask his mom next time I see her.

Link to zoom groom:


Stories from: “Dog Stories from the Spectator” by John St. Loe Strachey

0:00 Quick Skip
0:32 This is Lolo
0:58 Lavender Calming Shampoo
1:23 Washing the Face
1:45 Temperature of Water
2:30 BOOPS
3:40 Story background
4:22 Story: Dog Friends
6:26 My Story Relating to “Dog Friends”
7:31 Nail Buffing on Lolo
9:19 Lolo breaks the rules
11:36 Story: A Dog and His Dinner
12:32 Brush Recommendations for smooth coated dogs

View Orginal Video here.