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Chihuahua Training: Dog Training for your Chihuahua puppy

Chihuahua Training – Dog Training for your Chihuahua puppy

The training of dogs is often…
… confused with classical dog training drills
… only considered necessary for demanding dogs
… mocked by other dog owners
… replaced by anti-authoritarian methods
… considered too difficult to achieve without experience.

What constitutes dog training and what is it good for? And how can you and your Chihuahua profit from it without having any experience?

The most important thing is to understand how a dog sees his world, what is “normal” for him and how you can use this to your advantage. In addition, the characteristics of each breed are significant when you get beyond the basic training phase. Your Chihuahua will show characteristics which are different to those of a Husky, for example, and this is predominantly what you need to consider during training.

This book is vol. 1 of the Chihuahua training books. Vol. 2 for your grown up Chihuahua is also available on Amazon with the title “Chihuahua Training Vol. 2: Dog Training for your grown-up Chihuahua”

Author Claudia Kaiser says about her book:
“It was my desire to let other dog owners profit from the knowledge I have gained over many years, and after making many mistakes. I love my dog and know how important it is to adapt the training to suit each breed. It is exactly this desire that prompted me to write this book. My aim is to help every beginner, not only to understand his dog better, but also to know exactly how to get the best results, step-by-step, so that you can achieve a close, positive and trusting human-dog relationship.”
Quench your curiosity to know about background information, read reports on other experiences and obtain step-by-step instructions and secret tips which are tailor-made for your Chihuahua.

Get your copy of this book today and experience…
… how your Chihuahua sees his world
… and how you can progressively train your dog to receive the best results.

Your Chihuahua will appreciate it…
… so this is my advice: Don’t hesitate to buy this book!

Content of this book:
About the Author
What you need to know about your Chihuahua
Cornerstones of training puppies
Before the puppy arrives
The first few weeks
The first commands
Training basic knowledge
Check list for the start

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