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Chihuahua with serious aggression problems | Daphne

Issues can start early. And if they do, make sure you do as well…

Daphne, the little Chihuahua pup just arrived at TGD New Orleans for our puppy/behavior mod program. She’s got quite the rap sheet for such a youngster. Here’s some of her greatest hits shared by her owner:
“I have an 11 week old (18 weeks now) chihuahua with serious aggression problems as well as separation anxiety. She snaps at a moments notice and has bitten several people and drawn blood. She also growls and bites if you move her when she sleeps or pick her up sometimes. She also resource guards and snaps aggressively if you try to take something away from her she’s not supposed to have. She also has dog aggression to my parents dogs and goes beyond just play fighting and causes the other dogs to help in pain when she bites. In addition to this, she has serious separation anxiety and cries incessantly when we put her in her kennel. We have tried everything to make her kennel a positive comfortable place and she still freaks out every time she’s in it. She also is not potty trained at all. I am so desperate for help everyone is scared to touch my dog and she’s just a puppy. I feel like this is only going to get worse as she gets older and I don’t want her to seriously hurt anyone. She can be a very sweet dog sometimes but I cannot handle the aggressive behavior. Please help me.”

Lots to work on. Stay tuned. And if you’ve got a Daphne, feel free to reach out. The TGD team specializes in resolving serious behavior issues—even with the littles.

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