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Cute Funny Chihuahua Dogs Fail Catching Flies

Cute funny chihuahua dogs fail catching flies. Cute puppy size chihuahua Cedric and his father Kenzo were very bothered by flies. They tried to catch the flies by biting the air but eventually they failed to catch any fly. It turned out to be a very cute fail as they both tried so hard to succeed. Chihuahuas Cedric and Kenzo are father and son. They are both very small dogs, but Cedric is he miniature version of tiny Kenzo. It was very hard to try not to laugh file filming the dogs trying to catch the flies and failing at it.
In this video the dog family was on a beach in Estonia enjoying the summer weather and some swimming fun. There were more chihuahuas on the beach with them but Cedric and Kenzo were the only ones that were trying to catch flies. Cute puppy size chihuahua Cedric learned the fly catching from his father over the summer. I just wish they would catch one!

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Cedric is a 4 year old chihuahua who was born in Estonia and now lives in Canada with his loving owners. Sometimes he stars in youtube videos, showing off his mighty skills and magical cuteness.

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