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Funny Chihuahua Compilation

Here’s a video I’ve compiled of a few funny Chihuahuas. Chihuahuas are so cute and adorable and when they are caught on film they can also be really funny. There’s examples of Chihuahua dancing, playing, playfully attacking and just being plain silly. Chihuahua puppies can be so attractive – theres a small video of a Chihuahua puppy being bathed and another of a Chihuahua puppy running around like crazy. Some Chihuahua breeders just can’t help but put their dogs in front of the camera and who can blame them?
Another sight to behold is the vision of Chihuahuas barking – some of the close-ups are hilarious.
One of the first is a home movie of a cute Chihuahua in clothes and it has a very special smile as you will see 🙂
Chihuahua dogs come in all shapes, colours and sizes as you will note from this compilation video. Official breeders recognize two types of Chihuahua according to hair type; long coat and smooth coat. Of course, these are not separate breeds but just different types. Another thing that separates the types of Chihuahua and can make one dog look unique from another is the colour. From chocolate to black and white to fawn and sandy coloured. Brindle and tri-coloured to rare whites or rare blues can also be found amongst some of the rarer coloured dogs.
Between the long coat Chihuahua and the smooth coat Chihuahua again their can be differences in body form, for example you can get deer-head or apple head shaped forms of Long coated Chihuahua and they may have longer legs or shorter legs.The smooth coat is no different in that they can come in many different colours and also have the deer head shpe or the apple shaped head – they can also be a long leg or short leg variety.
Apple head Chihuahua’s tend to have a shorter snout and a rounded “apple” dome and shorter stop in their skull development whereas deer head Chihuahuas have a more elongated skull with a longer snout resembling a dear as the name suggests. There is some confusion and misunderstanding about Fawn Chihuahuas as this name is only to do with their colour and nothing to do with them resembling the creature – it has probably been confused along with the deer shape nomenclature.
There is another shape of breed that is called a pear head Chihuahua but this is simply a variety of the deer head in that it has a flat skull and more pointy muzzle. The distinction is often not clear but can be exploited by breeders as almost a separate shape to the breed.
The same with teacup, miniature or micro Chihuahuas – this is normally a term coined by the breeders to make their animals seem more unique but just usually refers a smaller than average dog.
All in all Chi s are just fabulous and can come with a beautiful variety of markings, colours and shapes. They make excellent friendly small household dogs that demand to be loved and looked after!
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