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Top 10 Facts About Chihuahuas You Need To Know |

Chihuahuas are considered the smallest breed of dogs globally; they are so popular that people are increasingly enthusiastic about them. Here are the Top 10 Facts About Chihuahuas You Need To Know.

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02:02 The Smallest Breed Of Dog In The World.

02:44 Chihuahuas Have Huge Brains And Are Intelligent.
03:32 They Are Tough and Active (chihuahua training)
04:11 They Are Born with An Incomplete Skull
04:44 Chihuahuas Are Excellent Watchdogs
05:24 Chihuahuas Are Prone to Hypoglycemia
06:06 Chihuahuas Can Be Nervous Little Dogs, So They Tend to Bark At Every Sound.
06:42 Chihuahuas Live Longer Than Most Other Breeds
07:20 Chihuahuas Are Always Cold (chihuahua grooming)
07:50 These Little Dogs Always Want To Be On You Or At Least Touch You

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