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How to Train a Puppy Chihuahua

How to Train a Puppy Chihuahua.
How to train a Chihuahua puppy tricks.

Chihuahuas are smart and quick-witted dogs originally from Mexico, able to quickly memorize commands.
You need to start training a chihuahua from the first days of the puppy’s appearance in the house, at about 2 months.
The breed is characterized by pronounced leadership qualities, vigilance and observation. From an early age, he actively strives for leadership in the family, especially males. Therefore, it is important to show the dog who is the boss in the house, teach obedience and good behavior. Otherwise, the dog will begin to dominate, and subsequent upbringing will become difficult.
Some dogs are easy to train, others show firmness and stubbornness of character. In any case, independent training of a chihuahua should take place in a friendly manner, without physical abuse and aggressive manifestations towards the dog. An aggressive attitude will aggravate the trusting relationship between the owner and the ward, give rise to a feeling of uncontrollable fear, lead to mental disorders of the animal.
Chihuahua training should begin with the simplest, with the habituation to the nickname. Say it more often in a calm voice when you call to yourself. The dog should develop positive associations with its nickname, then it will willingly respond to the call and commands of the owner. When you scold for a crime, then avoid pronouncing the nickname. It will take only 5-6 days to memorize.
Teach understanding the intonation of your voice when you scold, praise or just communicate with your pet. Chihuahuas perfectly feel the intonation of the owner, so they perfectly understand what the owner requires. The command voice is the most angry and harsh in pronunciation, accompanied by severe facial expressions and a characteristic gesture, shaking of the head or index finger. When you praise, then pronounce the words gently, in a quiet calm tone, stroking the animal.
At first, you should walk the dog only on a leash and carefully monitor what it does – at any attempt to eat something or show aggression against other animals or people, you must use the command – Stop!

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