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Why is my Chihuahua SO angry? What can I do

Are Chihuahuas really aggressive? Well, unfortunately, there may be some truth to their reputation.

Chihuahuas first require a lot of socialization, especially at an early age. Sadly, this means if you rescue a Chihuahua, there’s a good chance that they did not receive this early socialization. That’s why Chihuahuas are the number 2 “returned” dog breeds that don’t get rescued from shelters.

Chihuahuas also, as the smallest breed, have to compete for resources such as food. Kind of like “little man syndrome” you might say.

Third, we unfortunately tolerate their aggression, and we shouldn’t. Why? Well, if you have a Mastiff and he’s jumping on you and biting, you would have to stop him immediately. But with Chihuahuas, their little growl and little nip don’t seem too important so we just let it go.

So what do we need to do? Begin socializing your Chihuahua as a puppy. Right away. And obedience training as well. In the video I will show you a simple step to get your Chihuahua to understand that YOU are the boss.
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