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How to Remove Hair from Dog Paws (The Easy Way)

If your dog has a short coat, you may not need to worry about the hair between the pads of his paws getting too long. For everybody else, dog hair in paws may become a problem. I’ll show you how to remove hair from dog’s paws. For tough-to-get-into spots, or for very small dogs, you may want to use a smaller than usual hair clipper, like this one: https://amzn.to/2olbqEM

Full written instructions here: http://topdogtips.com/how-to-remove-hair-from-dog-paws

However, if the hair between his pads grows long enough that it sticks out past the pads you should learn how to remove hair from dog paws.

“If your dog is uncomfortable with you touching his feet, you’ll need to gradually get him used to it. Touch his feet without using any grooming tools. Try to do it when he’s tired and resting. Reward him with treats for allowing you to hold and massage his paws.”

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