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How To Clip Dog Nails

An important step in caring for your dog is making sure that their nails are clipped. This video will show you how to clip dog nails the right way so that It’s a comfortable experience for both you and your four-legged family member.

Do you want to trim your dog’s nails? “Oh my word, NO!!!!” That was her response when I a student in our Puppy Head Start class if she wanted help with nail trimming. Clearly, she was terrified of the process. I asked her why. “My last dog used to fight so hard, we had to muzzle him and eventually had to resort to anesthetizing him to get his nails trimmed. It was awful!”

We hear these and other similar stories all of the time in classes and it’s all the more reason to work hard with your puppy to get them used to nail trimming. With a little bit of knowledge and practice, nail trimming can be a simple part of grooming. Remember that even if you don’t want to do the nail trimming yourself, your dog will have to be a part of the process, so it’s essential that they are comfortable with it.

For a healthy foot, nails should be trimmed short on a regular basis. Care should be taken to avoid trimming too close and nipping into the nail’s blood vessel (the “quick”). Also, be aware that some dogs have dewclaws that will need trimming. If present, they will be on the insides of the lower leg (possibly front and back), though often, breeders will remove these at a few days old.

Here are the 4 steps we consider essential to creating a dog who is happy and calm when having their nails trimmed.

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