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Are Chihuahuas Good Pets?

Chihuahuas are little dogs with big hearts and sometimes big egos.  Although it is the smallest breed on the planet, it has an extremely large affection for humans.  And like many dogs, they are very loyal to owners who show them the love and care that they deserve.  While they fit the bill of being “man’s best friend,” they can also be extremely stubborn if not properly trained.  This is why it is so important to take control from the beginning, so confusion can be avoided about who is in charge.  If you give your Chihuahua an inch, it’ll definitely try to take a mile.  It will just take them a bit longer to cover the distance since they are so small.  

All joking aside, proper training is extremely critical to making sure your Chihuahua understands what is expected.  This is especially true for males since it is in their nature to be dominant.  Chihuahuas should be treated like young children in many regards.  It is important to begin establishing a consistent and acceptable pattern of behavior.  

For example, Chihuahuas like to put their paws on your legs or may even try to scratch them to get your attention.  Although this may seem rather cute or endearing, the dog’s intent is to be dominant.  This pattern of behavior needs to be immediately stopped.  One of the most effective ways to bring it to a screeching halt is though positive reinforcement.  The key is doing it in a firm manner without physically hurting or mentally abusing your pet.  Remember, your Chihuahua is a like a child who is a valued member of the family.  Make sure your pet understands his or her bad behavior is unacceptable without using physical force or by being mentally cruel.  

Chihuahuas are extremely intelligent.  They learn quickly and respond well when told they’ve done a good job.  This will build trust with your dog and will ultimately make your pet loyal, but its success solely depends on you.  This is accomplished by remaining consistent with your actions and discipline, which eliminates confusion.  

Chihuahuas also need proper diet and exercise just like any other dog or human.  It’s very understandable to think that your pet only needs a limited amount of physically activity due to its size.  But a good, brisk walk on a daily basis will really help your pet’s physical appearance and mental perspective.  Remember that it is a dog’s nature to run in packs.  As a result, its natural instinct is to migrate from location to location.  Walking your Chihuahua each day helps satisfy this migration instinct.  

As you can see — a little care, understanding, and a bit of physical activity can go a long way towards making your Chihuahua a very loyal, loving, and healthy dog.  Chihuahuas are known to have a life span of about 15-to-20 years.  Make the most of it by showing your pet that it is a valued member of your family.