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Bathing a Chihuahua or Small dog

Hey guys! It’s Stephen and Ellie the
Chihuahua here we upload new videos every Sunday on the relax my dog
YouTube channel and in this video I’m going to be showing you how I wash and
clean Ellie so if you want to learn more keep on watching Now the first question
you probably ask is how often should you clean your dog I clean Ellie about once
a month or if she’s been on a really long walk and she’s really muggy out
probably cleaning them as well but otherwise once a month is great she’s a
very clean dog anyway she likes to clean herself a lot of times she’s a bit like
a cat but a bath once a month just make sure that she doesn’t have a smell have a doggy smell
and she’s nice and hygienic many people wash their dogs in the sink which
is fine but I’ve always watched Ellie in my bathtub I do this because I have easy
access to my showerhead with flowing watter which just makes it easier for me
before washing your dog make sure you find the perfect water temperature you
don’t want to shock them with water that’s too hot or too cold spend a
little time allowing your dogs to get used to being in the bath and
interacting with the water so they feel more relaxed then start slowly applying
the water from the back of your dog don’t drench them right away doing it
slowly keeps them relaxed you’ll notice I’m not putting the water above Ellie’s
neck I’ll tell you why later get yourself
some doggie shampoo from your local pet store I’m still using Ellie’s puppy
shampoo because it doesn’t irritate her skin at all plus it’s taking me forever
to get through it all apply a small amount to your hands then lather them up
this will make the shampoo less cold and ensure you apply it more evenly to your
dog’s fur.

Whoop the shampoo into your dog’s fur up to the neck.

Make sure you
support them well so they don’t slip you want to clean both the top and bottom of your dog.

Ellie gets very dirty on a belly and legs when I’m walking so I
always make sure this area is well covered Then rinse your dog to ensure
all of the shampoo is washed away Chihuahuas always get cold very quickly so you don’t want them to be stood wet for too long Also just bear in mind that our
dog’s natural instinct when wet is to shake so you may find yourself getting
sprayed with water at some point Now I’m going to clean Ellie’s head
using cotton balls Apply a little water then squeeze out any excess the reason I
don’t put Ellie’s head under the shower is because chihuahuas especially have
very sensitive eyes and ears if water is in Ellie’s ears bacteria can easily
build up and give her an infection I gently clean Ellie’s tear stains Then wipe the top of her head Before gently cleaning the inside of Ellie’s ears.

Me and Ellie have done this many times before so she’s very used to the routine which is
bear in mind that this could be stressful for your dog if you’re doing
this for the first time without any practice and we’re done! Towell dry your
dog as soon as they come out of the shower as I said chihuahuas get cold very
quickly so I made sure she’s dry as soon as possible.

Always allow you dog to shake as it’s the most effective way for them to dry themselves they can actually
shift 70% of the water from their bodies doing this which is pretty impressive if
you ask me.

If you have a long-haired dog you may consider drying them with a hair
dryer like I do I use a very low heat and direct the flow of air downward with
the direction of Ellie’s hair again me and Ellia have done this many times so
she’s very used to the routine once dry at comb my dog’s hair with the doggie comb to remove any knots and make her hair silky smooth And we’re done! She’s super
fluffy clean and happy! Ellie’s lovely and fluffy now she’s silky
smooth smells really nice and lovely and Lovely and clean, camera ready.

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